For Sellers

We have listed and sold an impressive set of properties and we have excellent references that we are happy to share with you as part of our listing presentation.

We stay on top of state and national real estate conditions as well as local market trends so we know the trends that may impact the sale of your property.

Our marketing plans are the best bar none. Nancy has years of Marketing and Advertising experience she uses to develop a customized plan which will ensure buyers know about your home and its best features.

Nancy is an experienced home stager and both Rick & Nancy are Certified Home Marketing Specialists which encompases staging and presentation of your home.

Rick is a Certified HAFA Short Sale Expert so he can handle your short sale accurately, efficiently and professionally.

We use the web and social media to get the word out to the on-line world and to communicate with buyer’s who may be more comfortable texting or tweeting rather than picking up a phone.

Below we have listed websites and services we use to let the world know about your home and to communicate with on-line users.

Call us for a free no obligation valuation and marketing proposal for your property.